A good foundation is incredibly important because it is an anchor for all further future construction, this goes for more than just buildings. Β It has to be strong, stable, and built with the correct safety precautions in our case - extra rebar to offer protection against potential earthquakes thanks to how close we're building to … Continue reading Foundation

Pour Baby, Pour!

And no...I don't mean the rain! Day 1 of Concrete: We're pouring concrete for our stem wall!! Things keep getting more real! I'm loving watching the house go up from ground level. The guys were pretty happy because the forecast said rain, but it didn't rain on them at all while they poured which itself … Continue reading Pour Baby, Pour!


This last week has just flown by! We've been hard at work preparing to lay gravel and prep our home site. Thanks to the crazy winter we've had you'll remember we lost a bunch of trees, and we helped our neighbor clean up their downed trees as well. Β Our Darn Winter Storm. HEREΒ  While we … Continue reading Firewood